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Oil seals act as essential and vital protectors, effectively taking care of numerous vulnerable points against oil leaks. Oil seals act as complete protection prevents breakdowns and costly overhauling.

Metal Components bonded with rubber eliminate possibility of leakage between sealing member and outside shell portion in metal. Centreless ground seals make assembly easier ensures controlled fitment in the housing. Spring used on the components assure less loading on the shaft but increased seal life.

Range of Products

  • OILSEALS, O Rings and MOULDED Rubber Products
  • Available in a wide range to match applications in Trucks, LCVS, Tractors, Tillers, Stationary Engineers, Pumps , Grinders, Gear Boxes.
  • We use Polymers Viz NBR/Buma-N, EPDM, Silicon, FKM, Polyacrylic in our Products
  • Our range includes Axle Seals, Wheel seals, Crankshaft seals, Shock absorber seals, Value stem seals, Differential, Timing Seal, O Rings and Moulded rubber products.

Bhargave Rubber